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Become an instructor

Become an instructor

Be a teacher who can change the world

Bring your skills & industry experience to teach & help next-generation leaders & help society to grow

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You are one of the pot makers who will nourish the learners with all the required knowledge and skills to make their dream come true. Take the responsibility to shape their future.


We are known for our education community, and those responsibilities come under the cap of Coach who holds all the integration between mentors and students to bridge the gap.

Live Session Expert

Our focus is on live online classes. Be the face of OCP Academy and teach our learners in a virtual setting, in real-time and live. If you are an expert then we want to talk to you.

Content Creator

Content of high quality is what we’re known for. Experts like you are needed to create dynamic and stunning content for our learners to consume during online classroom sessions. If you are good at creating content, we’re looking for you.

Subject Matter Expert

We believe in keeping no page unturned. Subject matter experts make sure to keep all the doubts away from the students and have them a clear knowledge around the topics.

Program Structure Designer

We strongly believe in structured learning. You will create expertly designed and curated programs for our learners across our multiple programs and domain offerings.


Assess our learners’ learning by grading their assessments, assignments, case study, projects quiz & exams. Use your subject matter expertise to rate their performance throughout the program.

Faculty Coordinator

You have to maintain quality and consistency of instruction in multiple-section courses, schedule regular meetings with faculty and provide resources to support teaching and learning. 

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Swami Vivekananda

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