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Digital Marketing Integrated Simulation & Certification Program


The #1 Best-selling Digital Marketing Course

This Course

Students will gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing theory, strategic and analytical skills, and practical experience needed for a successful career in digital marketing.


The objective of this program is to provide you with an integrated simulator marketing vision and a broad understanding of essential digital marketing platforms. This curriculum was created in collaboration with premier academics and industry professionals from some of the most well-known digital businesses, including Google, Apple, Xerox, Dell, IBM, Zycus, Reliance, Cognizant Founders of Several Successful Startups & many more. It combines academic rigour with professional application to help you grasp marketing in the digital era. This introductory module aims to familiarise you with the learning platform, our philosophy, the student success services we provide, and the future months’ syllabus. It is critical that you go through these facts thoroughly.

Digital Marketing Simulations.

- Adding real world skills with hands-on experience, Simulator which is used by 88% of MNC, Agencies across globe

Industry Fit

- Be Industry ready from Day 1, WIth Live Projects, Internship, Competition, Client handeling, Mentors Support

100% Live Learning

- from Industry Experts, Learning up-to-date concepts by building practical skills & clearing doubts

As a result of completing this course, students will be able to:

Effectively communicate digital marketing strategies to a potential employer, audience, or client

Enhance resumes through practical hands-on digital marketing activities meant to improve hiring potential

Apply relevant digital marketing strategies in various industries and markets


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Combine Four of the Most Influential Classroom Resources

Immerse your students in practical learning with real-world projects utilizing popular industry tools and put them in a simulated environment where they can sharpen their PPC skills using a $100,000+ budget. 

Best-selling Courseware

“Best digital marketing textbook that I have found in 15 years for my students to use to learn easily all about practical business-focused digital marketing best practice…”

– Simon, Massey University


First-in-the-world Simulation

“I have had multiple students contact me post-graduation to tell me that the Mimic Simulation was a key factor in them getting a job. It gave them a conversation that few other students could have….”

– Gregory, Loyola University

Real-world Projects from Industry Experts

With real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with industry professionals, learners will master the industry skill that companies lookout.

Flexible Learning Program

Get help in developing your own custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Learning at your own pace and reaching target goals on the schedule that fits your life.

Mentor Support

Our Industry expert mentors guide learners and are dedicated to clearing doubts. Mentoring sessions to motivate and keep the learners on track.

Career Services

After learning get access to resume support, portfolio making and LinkedIn profile optimization which will help you to advance your career and showcase your skills.

Skills Your Students Will Gain

This turn-key digital marketing bundle provides students with the opportunities and resources to succeed in a competitive job market





Digital Marketing Essentials Video Lectures

Real-world examples

Author Jeff Larson includes real-world examples throughout the videos to keep students’ attention and help them connect theory and application.


Engaging lectures

These video lectures allow your students to thrive no matter their preferred learning style by utilizing audio- and visual-style teaching. 


Bundle options

The video lectures can be used independently or paired with the “Digital Marketing Essentials” courseware or Mimic Pro Simulation.

156 Resources Included

Table of Contents

Online Learning Platform – Beyond MOOCs

A platform that provides rigorous learning, personal mentorship, personalized learning paths, access to a community for peer-to-peer learning, and all of this at one’s own pace.

Skill-Based Courses, Crafted By Industrial Experts

  • The courses are well crafted by industry experts from the executive level who all focused on nourishing learners’ skills to make them industry fit.

Outcome-Based Learning – Industry Ready

Assignments, quizzes, projects, and simulations carried with a practical learning approach. OCP Academy brings a new era of learning by practicing skills.

Institutional Partnership – Delivering Excellence

UGC curriculum pattern offered with industrial exposure prepares the course as a perfect model for learning to be industrial ready.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Teach All the Primary Digital Marketing Disciplines 
There are a wide variety of disciplines within digital marketing and it is vital that students become familiar with all them. Too often, there is a significant skills gap between digital marketers and the companies that want to hire them. Students who are familiar with digital marketing will be poised to take advantage of this and enjoy rewarding careers.

Enhance Practical Skills
With this courseware, professors are given the resources to upgrade their digital marketing course to teach the overlooked yet critical skills of search engine optimization, website analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing.

Teach Up-to-Date Concepts
This book combines the fundamentals of digital marketing with its application in various business environments. Students will learn how to leverage organic, paid and social traffic, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of digital marketing on various platforms.

OCP Academy Industry-Vetted Certification Included

The Digital Marketing Certification (DMISCP) is an excellent way to help students build their resumes and show their expertise. The certification is a FREE add-on included with every purchase of the Digital Marketing Essentials Bundle. 

The Digital Marketing Certification (DMISCP) includes:

  • 1. 80-question exam
  • 2. Official certificate of completion
  • 3. Industry-vetted evaluation that’s been reviewed by professionals from Google, HubSpot, and more!

Jeff Larson

Larson is a professor of marketing at Brigham Young University, where he has taught courses in Marketing Research and Internet Marketing since 2007. He received a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.

Stuart Draper

Draper has taught and mentored hundreds of college students on digital marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Before founding Stukent Inc., Stuart founded the successful digital marketing agency, Get Found First, and he has hired and trained dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees.


Digital Marketing Simulation

Real-world Experience.


Digital marketing simulation designed for the doers.
Search, display, and shopping ad creation and optimization are essential components of digital marketing, but it’s challenging to give students hands-on experience with managing ads. Digital Marketing Simulator gives students the opportunity to manage over $125,000 in ad budget across search, display, and shopping ad campaigns. They will also learn about landing page optimization, audience targeting, and KPI analysis.



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