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Subject Code: Subject Code: 22SS201 

Fais toujours de ton mieux même si personne ne regarde. – Always do your best even if no one’s looking.


Course Discriptions

  • Introduction to French Culture, Language and Francophone Countries
  • Importance of French language learning
  • Greetings
  • Asking/Giving personal information
  • How to Present Yourself
  • How to communicate with people

Course Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the students will be able to express themselves in writing and orally in basic French. This course content focuses on the speech of the students in a lucid and concurrent manner using appropriate vocabulary and pronunciation techniques. Extra stress will be laid on their understanding of grammatical structures and the foreign accent of the language.

Course Objectives:

This course teaches the students to express themselves in basic French and familiarizes them with the Present tense. Students will be able to engage in basic conversation in French and frame sentences using a negation, interrogation, etc.

Module Mapping:

  • Soft skill: Soft skills can often be things that you have naturally. Student of
    foreign language learners can understand the importance of
    professional grooming and need for various components of skill for
    industry-ready like self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and
    group dynamics and so on.
  • Entrepreneur: Good communication skills are essential at work but being able to
    communicate effectively in business French will make you stand out among
    your peers and colleagues. Whether you’re looking to grow at your current
    company, seeking employment abroad, or branching out with French
    professionally, you’ll need a solid understanding of business French in
    order to shine. Not only that, but more companies also than ever are now
    conducting business remotely, and business French is the first step to
    becoming a part of the growing online workforce.
  • Employability: In short, no matter your career goals, business French will help you reach
    them! And you’ll be in good company. There are over 80 million native
    French speakers spread across the world. This makes French one of the
    most frequently used languages for all kinds of communication — but
    especially for doing business.

Pedagogy for Course Delivery:

Communicative, interactive Lectures, including project work, role play, conversation, text translations and
practice exercises.

Text Reading:

A Propos – A1, Livre de l’élève et Cahier d’exercices by Christine Andant, Catherine Metton, Annabelle Nachon, Fabienne Nugue

References :

  • Mon livre de français 1
  • Apprenons la grammaire ensemble
  • 450 exercices de grammaire
  • Collins 3-in-1 French Grammar, Vocabulary & Verbs
  • Larousse French-English-French dictionary

Additional Reading:

  • J’aime lire
  • Jumelage -1


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