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From OCP Academy, learning how to design a WordPress website is as easy as 1-2-3.


Check out OCP Academy's Top 10 WordPress Web design tips.

Web designing is a task that requires skill and knowledge, but these 10 tips will ensure you get the best Website for your needs, no matter what. In this Digital age, Websites play a major role in everyday life. It is not enough to have a website; the site must be functional and offer the best support for your end-users.

WordPress is very popular in web designing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make website designs that are both attractive and useful. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best web design tips for wordpress that help create a high-quality, professional website for your business.

It’s not easy to launch a website — especially a site that accurately reflects your business. That said, you don’t need to be a web designer with a huge budget to build a website.

The initial steps are simple. First, pick a great WordPress theme. Next, make your personal changes to improve your customer’s perception. Read on for 10  best practices for your professional websites that will elevate both your site and your brand.

1. You Might Need a Custom Designed Theme

When building a website, you must have the perfect theme to match your site’s goal. Themes give an overall impression of your Website, which can help you create the perfect mood for your business to flourish. Creating a theme must be done with much care and deliberation, and you might even need a custom-designed theme to get the desired results.

2. Remember to Provide Easy Navigation

One of the most important elements in building a website is navigation; this element helps run your WebsiteWebsite smoothly and provides easy access. Once you have all the details about your business, you must leave the navigation for easy access. Proper navigation will be very helpful in bringing your users to their desired section.

3. Use the Introduction Section Wisely

To provide easy access to your Website’sWebsite’s content, you must include an introduction section. The creation of this section will be a matter of convenience for visitors and make their visit easier. The introduction section will provide all the relevant information about your site, its goals, and its purpose.

4. Make Sure Your Content Stands Out

Once you have a navigation section that provides easy access to your Website’sWebsite’s content, you must make sure it stands out among other pages. You can include keyword phrases in specific parts of the Website’sWebsite’s text and images. This will ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

5. Make Sure There is a Prominent Call to Action Section

The call to action section is the part of your Website that will motivate your visitors to follow through with any call to action you have. This can be anything from signing up for services or purchasing products. To make this section most effective, you should make sure it contains relevant information, is easy to understand and stands apart from the rest of the site

How to Launch a WordPress Site In Just Few Easy Steps?

As we know, WordPress is CMS (Content Management System), and it is very easy to use. Millions of websites are now using WordPress as a CMS platform. 

Select Domain: 

First, you want to select a domain name (domain extension .com or .net or any country extension) where to publish your WebsiteWebsite. Godaddy is a prominent domain name providing the company with an online domain search engine where you can find your favourite domain.


Domain alone is not enough unless you have a hosting account. You will get a lot of options as per your requirement on this website. Also, ensure that the hosting package you choose offers wordpress as its CMS connection.

Install WordPress: 

After selecting the domain name, you must choose a hosting account according to your requirements. You will also have to set up the security settings by giving an URL, FTP and SMTP(email) log in credentials etc. In the hosting account, you will get password-protected hidden folders for further security measures.

Install WordPress theme: 

You can select any theme according to your choice and then fill in the details of the theme’s installation, e.g. installation URL, Domain, upload username and password. If you already have a theme for Website, you have to copy it into the “Themes” folder and install it again by uploading the zip file to the hosting account.

Install WordPress Plug-ins: 

Plugins are small applications used to customize WordPress according to your needs. Adding plugins is one of the easiest ways to enhance WordPress functionality. There are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress plugins category. You can search them easily on

Add Admin Panel: 

Now you have installed your WebsiteWebsite with a modified theme and a few plugins; it’s time to add the “Admin Panel”. It will help you to manage and modify the content, themes, plugins etc., as per your need.

Apart from the above tips, you can learn web designing with OCP Academy, which provides all the necessary skills to get you started. We provide a plethora of Digital Marketing courses where you can learn SEO, SMO, PPC and many other social media marketing skills. You can also learn WordPress development online with us. (DIGITAL MARKETING INTEGRATED SIMULATION & CERTIFICATION PROGRAM)

What is special in OCP Academy Courses?


It is India’s leading certification provider for digital marketing and technology courses. We Provide a Digital marketing Integrated Simulation & Certification Program with 100% Job Support. OCP Academy is the complete online training provider in India, with a massive training library encompassing every aspect of digital marketing and technology.


Q. Is WordPress good for Web design?

Yes, WordPress is the best for Web design, and you can create your WebsiteWebsite with wordpress. You can create a website in less time without any knowledge of coding.

Q. Do I need to learn PHP to learn WordPress?

You don’t need to learn php to use wordpress as it is used to build websites using HTML code, but HTML knowledge won’t help you use wordpress. So it is recommended that you should have a basic idea of HTML and CSS.

Q. What is the difference between a blog and a website?

A website is a collection of different pages. Therefore Website has its domain and host, whereas Blogs have their domain but are hosted at So you cannot access the full potential of your blog or website if it is hosted at

Q. Which one is better for a programmer, WordPress or Drupal?

WordPress is easier for beginners compared to Drupal. WordPress interface is also more readable and understandable.


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