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Display marketing is the art of exhibiting yourself.


Display Marketing

The term “display advertising” refers to any marketing technique that incorporates graphic elements into the advertisements. ​

Video and animation, as well as more traditional media such as banners and images, are examples of this. Advertisers and publishers are the two most important players in display marketing. Advertisers seek to promote their businesses, products, or services, whereas publishers exchange their resources (ad space) for money. Various forms of advertising are booked on third-party websites via a display network. These advertisements are then displayed in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon by both the buyer and seller prior to the purchase. However, before this step can be completed, a thorough target group analysis must be performed to ensure that the ads are displayed.

Display advertising, online advertising, banner advertising, and internet advertising are all synonyms for display marketing. Displays are also known as “picture ads” in Google AdWords. Display campaigns are advertisements that appear on articles, videos, or websites that consumers visit. You can serve your ads on the Google Display Network, a collection of over two million websites that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide, using Google Ads. Continue reading to find out how this works.

With the help of OCP Academy’s Display Marketing, you’ll be able to

1- Choose the right campaign required for the specific purpose

2- Examine which type of display ads will give a better result

3- What should be the banner size and where it should be displayed

4- How to summarize the ads

5- Google Display Network targeting allows the students to set where or when their ad is shown based on features of your ideal audience, such as their interests, age, or gender.

6- To create their own affiliate marketing network and can implement affiliates in their own platforms.

7- To create the conversion report and can analyze the reports through multi-channel funnels.

There's so much more to explore, don't believe in procrastination. Grab on this opportunity and start your learning now!

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